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"He had tended to Taton House for nearly a generation. He had never seen the Taton House ghost himself, but he was told by his long dead aunties and uncles that night time was when Big Bill returned in search of Eugene Taton. "That night, when Big Bill returned to seek vengeance, he carried with him a heavy axe like the one used to murder his wife. Unfortunately, Taton had escaped through a back entrance (the one he used to use when he sneaked out into the slave cabins to steal their children) like the yellow-belly coward he was. Enraged, Big Bill had swung his axe wildly about, attacking anyone who stood in his path. Several of those killed were familiar faces, faces he remembered from the night of his wife’s death. Many more died before Big Bill examined the bloody carnage: innocent house slaves who, Big Bill thought, were better off dead than living their lives in servitude; boarders who were white, others who heard the screams and came running, and those who had been sent by the cowardly Euguene Taton himself to catch him as he tried to escape to freedom with his family and the Underground Railroad guides. "Big Bill, the Taton House Ghost, could still be heard at night dragging his blood-stained ax as he continued to search for Old Man Taton, hell-bent on revenge." Get Taton House by Candace Nadine Breen on Amazon or wherever books are sold today!


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"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a...