Monday, November 18, 2019

The Mystic Queen Comes Forth

     I have always been aware of an entity who would merge with my consciousness and speak and think through me. She was so much wiser than Candace, the person who faced the exterior world. Candace was so flawed and broken, often emotional and oftentimes struggled with staying balanced amongst her mental issues. There were times when the words that came from Candace’s mouth seemed not her own.  Sometimes, thoughts would stream into my (Candace’s) consciousness that I knew Candace had no way of knowing. I would often glimpse this other me. She looked like me, essentially, but more mystic and wise-looking. Her confidence was amazing and when she walked the ground, she carried herself with an air of wisdom attained from her many lifetimes of existences. She is the essence of all of my guides combined. She is the one who comes forward when Candace is in trance. I can feel her now as I write this. I have always sensed her but was not knowledgeable of her essence.

     When I need magick or spiritual influence, it is she who I am to call upon, for she resides within me. Nothing in the spiritual is outside my being. I searched to identify this “other me”,  that other essence and, when it was time, she made herself known to me.  When she revealed herself to me, she said,  “I am The Mystic Queen and that is what you will call me. Others will see me as an alter ego but that I am not. I am you and I am within you”. She knows the spells, the incantations , the devotions, the Magick. All answers are within. She is easily accessed. All I have to do is to ask her to come forward. I will be spreading information via her consciousness.

     The Mystic Queen is the energy I feel when I am moved to do something when Candace is too tired or depressed to do anything. She wants Candace to keep going and spiritually kicks her in the ass with an inspirational  thought or idea. She causes Candace’s art pieces to come alive . She is the one who gets Candace excited about learning the craft of mysticism. She is the one who is happy when I walk out into nature or tend to my garden. She is the one who causes me to honor my family and home with care only I can provide. She loves me unconditionally as imperfect and sometimes as unpredictable as I am. Our consciousnesses combines and our consciousnesses also separates yet we remain united. She is always there, guiding and watching. She is the wise voice I often hear throughout my days and nights. She connects me to Mother Earth, her source of magick and power.

     I am to honor her on my altar and, in doing so, I am honoring myself because she and I are one, all parts of the whole. I am to allow her to be the forefront of my magickal life and, in doing so, Candace will learn and grow.

     It is with great pleasure, honor and humility that I introduce The Mystic Queen.