Monday, November 18, 2019

The Mystic Queen Comes Forth

     I have always been aware of an entity who would merge with my consciousness and speak and think through me. She was so much wiser than Candace, the person who faced the exterior world. Candace was so flawed and broken, often emotional and oftentimes struggled with staying balanced amongst her mental issues. There were times when the words that came from Candace’s mouth seemed not her own.  Sometimes, thoughts would stream into my (Candace’s) consciousness that I knew Candace had no way of knowing. I would often glimpse this other me. She looked like me, essentially, but more mystic and wise-looking. Her confidence was amazing and when she walked the ground, she carried herself with an air of wisdom attained from her many lifetimes of existences. She is the essence of all of my guides combined. She is the one who comes forward when Candace is in trance. I can feel her now as I write this. I have always sensed her but was not knowledgeable of her essence.

     When I need magick or spiritual influence, it is she who I am to call upon, for she resides within me. Nothing in the spiritual is outside my being. I searched to identify this “other me”,  that other essence and, when it was time, she made herself known to me.  When she revealed herself to me, she said,  “I am The Mystic Queen and that is what you will call me. Others will see me as an alter ego but that I am not. I am you and I am within you”. She knows the spells, the incantations , the devotions, the Magick. All answers are within. She is easily accessed. All I have to do is to ask her to come forward. I will be spreading information via her consciousness.

     The Mystic Queen is the energy I feel when I am moved to do something when Candace is too tired or depressed to do anything. She wants Candace to keep going and spiritually kicks her in the ass with an inspirational  thought or idea. She causes Candace’s art pieces to come alive . She is the one who gets Candace excited about learning the craft of mysticism. She is the one who is happy when I walk out into nature or tend to my garden. She is the one who causes me to honor my family and home with care only I can provide. She loves me unconditionally as imperfect and sometimes as unpredictable as I am. Our consciousnesses combines and our consciousnesses also separates yet we remain united. She is always there, guiding and watching. She is the wise voice I often hear throughout my days and nights. She connects me to Mother Earth, her source of magick and power.

     I am to honor her on my altar and, in doing so, I am honoring myself because she and I are one, all parts of the whole. I am to allow her to be the forefront of my magickal life and, in doing so, Candace will learn and grow.

     It is with great pleasure, honor and humility that I introduce The Mystic Queen.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Cernunnos and Oshun

     In an effort to have more lucid or psychic visions, I performed a bit of earth magick last night. I burned some bay leaves and placed the ashes beneath my pillow. That night as I lie in bed, my stomach began to hurt terribly. I could not sleep. In my mind's eye, I saw the silhouette of Cernunnos standing behind my massage chair which is closest to the woods I had never before seen Cernunnos but I knew what he looked like from things I’ve read about him in the distant past. This made no sense but I was told by Spirit to do a bit of research. Cernunnos is not evil nor is he satan who exists in Christianity as the opposite of the Christian Supreme God. Cernunnos represents nature, fertility, wilderness and union with nature. This is interesting because two nights ago while in meditation I both heard and saw in my mind's eye the word "Oshun" and I really didn't know what that was about until I looked her up. It was just the word written in cursive and not her resemblance. I have set up altars to honor both Oshun and Cernunnos as I feel drawn to do so.

     It seems like things like these were always happening to other people. I have practiced. I have meditated. I have studied long and hard. Yet, still nothing seemed to happen except the infrequent visits from spirits who had left their bodies. I even met an unknown Ascended Master who is now one of my guides. Never before had a god or goddess appeared to be that I can remember. I did some research on Oshun and discovered so much about her. Not only is she very much a part of my West African culture but she is my Orisha. The Yoruba faith (practiced by people of Nigeria and my ancestors from Benin) says that we are all accompanied by an Orisha (translates to “owner of our head”) when we come into the physical form who serves as our lifelong protector. I was deep in meditation speaking with one of my ancestor guides who kept showing me the word “Oshun” when I spoke with him in conversation about knowing my ancestor guides and being able to be in communication with him (he is my guide also but he doesn’t come around very often...he is a village medicine man/witch doctor/shaman...whichever name you go by he represents that...when he appears, he shows me things related to my culture, history and ancestry.)

      Oshun is the youngest in the most adorned Orisha. She loves to eat honey. She has a sparkling charisma and possesses a very womanly figure suggestive of fertility and eroticism. She is also very dangerous when crossed. She is often referred to as the “Queen of Witches”. How interesting as I refer to myself (and have for many years) as Queen Candace since I was named after the African Queen whose name was also a royal title. Oshun is a teacher of magic and she loves casting spells. What a synchronicity- so do I! She also grants wishes and will do so when properly invoked and respect that. So I need to keep her happy in order to work with her. She's also associated with the number five.

      When I later went online so I could print out a representation of her from for my altar she looked quite a lot like me in the picture. She had long flowing dreadlocks just like I do, full lips just like I do and brown skin. She also adores her dreadlocks with various jewelries as I do as well. I'm really excited about working with her. When I posted about Cernunnos in an online group of which I am a member,  another member who revealed that she is a devotee of Cernunnos told me that I was contacted because the earth is dying and needs me to join in being part of the solution, something which I can definitely so with all of my green witch tendencies.

     I feel that I have more purpose than what I have been doing and I am so honored to be given this chance. What is synchronicity it was that both Oshun and Cernunnos made themselves known to me in the same week! I think because I had reached the “right” moment on my continuous path.I have journeyed so much throughout my ears only to come back to my roots which are now stronger than ever. I tried to put myself in the Christian boxes where I knew I didn't fit in. I tested and tried being in the Baptist Church, Catholic Church and even tried Buddhism, and being a member of the Vendanta Society. Although I have nothing against any of these faiths (there are some philosophies of Buddhism and Vendanta that I still believe and incorporate into my current nature practices and beliefs), I knew that I could not fit into any one particular box. I could not be contained and , thus, limited. Before stepping out and bravely embracing myself and who I truly am when it came to faith and magickal and spiritual practices,  I was afraid that people would make fun of me which they did. Very quickly, I discovered that I was not alone in my journey. I found support, love, literature, people who welcomed me with open arms and I was able to practice in a solitary manner while, at the same time, being true to myself and living the life I wanted.

Friday, July 26, 2019

In Your Yard


                Photo Credit: © Moshe Einhorn 

  Once upon a time, I used to think that I had to go outside into the big wide world in order to find magick I could use in my practice. As a person who comes from southern farmers, I don't know why I thought I had to spend hundreds of dollars in search of herbs when I was growing them organically on my own property. I had tons on sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, to name just a few. So, this season, I decided that I would harvest them, dry them and store them. It was very rewarding using my own chemical-free herbs for my own Earth medicine.

     To make things even better, I had loads of spells, medicinal recipes that would benefit from my own herbs. This was  more than just the fact that these herbs grew on my property but I infused them with my own magick every time I touched them, tended to them, spoke to them and spent time with them. I knew every plant by name and smell and I knew what growing conditions were best for them. Although I read a lot about plants and even had been a Master Gardener, I didn't need books to tell me what I observed with my own eyes. I knew when my plants needed more water, more shade or more sunlight. I could feel their moods: when they were happy, sad or indifferent. I marveled when they proudly showed off their blossoms or fruit. I knew when they were struggling to survive. When I took of their bounty, I lovingly touched them and thanked them for the harvest. I took care of them and they, in turn took care of my family and me. We had a bond, an unbreakable relationship that no one but us understood.

     Every year at our annual Fourth of July Gathering, guests would flock to my main garden to admire my numerous plants, to sit upon my stone bench and soak in the serenity of my special place. They would stand beneath the twisting vines of Morning Glories and Ivy that welcomed them into my "happy place", my place of special Earth medicine; the place of my special magick.

     In my garden, I meditate, drum, sing and work. All of my energy has created a place of beauty, not just in my large main garden but with all the "little gardens"  abiding about our significantly luscious property. I talk to our trees. I nature's pulse throughout my body. I imagine the roots of the trees connecting with me and supporting me with their energy and love.

     For many years, I thought I had to go in search of magick  when all around me, the magick had already been formed. I had suffocated what I already knew: that we don't need to go looking for Earth medicine for our magick.

Where's the magick where you live and how do you connect with it? Where do you find your own Earth medicine? I'd love to hear about it!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Hi, there!

       I know that my previous post seemed a bit weird but I like for people to have a little background information on me before diving right in. So, here I am , opening myself to who I truly am and sharing that with you. I recently ended my show on Podbean "Awakened Path" because I felt that it was only just brushing the tip of what I am all about. I held back because of the fear of being criticized for living truly. I mean, after all, I had already been called "witch" by those who saw me as different. I had struggled for a year and a half with keeping my mouth shut and not stirring any waters in my town due to the fact that one of our children was enrolled in a private school that was highly Christian. When she went back into the public school, I threw off the cover of concealment I was wearing and decided to embrace myself, my talents and my identity. When I kept myself hidden, I endured a lot of unfavorable health issues. Once I let go of hiding, my health suddenly became better and I felt more vibrant and energetic than I ever felt in my life. Lesson here: stay true to yourself and don't hide who you are!

      So, I am ready. I am so excited to begin sharing with you via this blog, videos and my new radio show that will be announced soon! Until soon, blessed be!

Background Information

     Candace Nadine Breen is of West African  (Benin, Cameroon ) descent  and wears many hats. She taught English in Providence, Rhode Island for eleven years for grades seven and nine. During that time, she tried to find her place in society while being driven away from various religious organizations for her inability to conform to their standards. While raising a family, she returned to school and earned a Master’s in Human Services with a focus on Marriage and Family Counseling. She was later a real estate agent for a few years but found it unfulfilling , stressful and time consuming. After taking time to open up herself to her true path, she buried herself in metaphysical studies, earning a Master’s of Science and Doctorate in Metaphysics. She became a Spiritualist Minister which seemed like the perfect occupation for her, at first, but she gradually felt that she was outgrowing the Spiritualist community and was told by a medium unknown to her that her path would not end with the Spiritualist Church.

     It was very difficult for Candace to fit into societal boxes and , after, falling into depression, she threw caution to the wind and decided to follow her true calling. She embraced her psychic talents, wrote and published three successful memoirs, threw herself into her art and began working on children’s books, young adult fiction books and sci-fi novels. 

     Although Candace is a Master Gardener, she has always loved gardening and just being outside in nature. She has found satisfaction in earth-based religions and solitary spiritual practices despite the fact that she refuses to be labeled as any particular religion. She enjoys being in her garden, meditating in her wooded and quiet backyard, painting, art, and spending time with her family. She studies earth magick, gives Spirit messages via intuitive tarot reading, runes, herbal medicine and her mediumship abilities. Candace also devotes herself to speaking, helping and healing for the highest and greatest good. 

     Candace resides in Barrington, Rhode Island with her loving family consisting of her devoted husband, two very talented and creative children and their loving and mystical cat.