Friday, July 26, 2019

In Your Yard


                Photo Credit: © Moshe Einhorn 

  Once upon a time, I used to think that I had to go outside into the big wide world in order to find magick I could use in my practice. As a person who comes from southern farmers, I don't know why I thought I had to spend hundreds of dollars in search of herbs when I was growing them organically on my own property. I had tons on sage, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, to name just a few. So, this season, I decided that I would harvest them, dry them and store them. It was very rewarding using my own chemical-free herbs for my own Earth medicine.

     To make things even better, I had loads of spells, medicinal recipes that would benefit from my own herbs. This was  more than just the fact that these herbs grew on my property but I infused them with my own magick every time I touched them, tended to them, spoke to them and spent time with them. I knew every plant by name and smell and I knew what growing conditions were best for them. Although I read a lot about plants and even had been a Master Gardener, I didn't need books to tell me what I observed with my own eyes. I knew when my plants needed more water, more shade or more sunlight. I could feel their moods: when they were happy, sad or indifferent. I marveled when they proudly showed off their blossoms or fruit. I knew when they were struggling to survive. When I took of their bounty, I lovingly touched them and thanked them for the harvest. I took care of them and they, in turn took care of my family and me. We had a bond, an unbreakable relationship that no one but us understood.

     Every year at our annual Fourth of July Gathering, guests would flock to my main garden to admire my numerous plants, to sit upon my stone bench and soak in the serenity of my special place. They would stand beneath the twisting vines of Morning Glories and Ivy that welcomed them into my "happy place", my place of special Earth medicine; the place of my special magick.

     In my garden, I meditate, drum, sing and work. All of my energy has created a place of beauty, not just in my large main garden but with all the "little gardens"  abiding about our significantly luscious property. I talk to our trees. I nature's pulse throughout my body. I imagine the roots of the trees connecting with me and supporting me with their energy and love.

     For many years, I thought I had to go in search of magick  when all around me, the magick had already been formed. I had suffocated what I already knew: that we don't need to go looking for Earth medicine for our magick.

Where's the magick where you live and how do you connect with it? Where do you find your own Earth medicine? I'd love to hear about it!

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