Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Hi, there!

       I know that my previous post seemed a bit weird but I like for people to have a little background information on me before diving right in. So, here I am , opening myself to who I truly am and sharing that with you. I recently ended my show on Podbean "Awakened Path" because I felt that it was only just brushing the tip of what I am all about. I held back because of the fear of being criticized for living truly. I mean, after all, I had already been called "witch" by those who saw me as different. I had struggled for a year and a half with keeping my mouth shut and not stirring any waters in my town due to the fact that one of our children was enrolled in a private school that was highly Christian. When she went back into the public school, I threw off the cover of concealment I was wearing and decided to embrace myself, my talents and my identity. When I kept myself hidden, I endured a lot of unfavorable health issues. Once I let go of hiding, my health suddenly became better and I felt more vibrant and energetic than I ever felt in my life. Lesson here: stay true to yourself and don't hide who you are!

      So, I am ready. I am so excited to begin sharing with you via this blog, videos and my new radio show that will be announced soon! Until soon, blessed be!

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