Friday, June 5, 2020

#BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFlyod

Many of us Black people can tell you stories, stories that will make you cry. It's nothing new. It never ended. We've just endured it in silence because we know hardly anyone will hear or care.

I have been called the "N" word.

A classmate once told me that I "was nothing but a nigger".

I spent kindergarten through grade eight in a racist, predominately white school where racism happened and no one did anything because the private school administration was racist, too.

I was told I was "too dark".

I was told that people in Newport would "just see me as a slave".

I was told I was "ugly because I'm Black"

I have been told by a West Warwick Police Officer, "Go back to Providence with that shit! I can make you lose that teacher job of yours!"

I have had the place where I would study in the Rhode Island College library spray painted with a swastika and the words, "Stop educating Niggas!"

As a realtor, I was sent to the dangerously urban areas and people would refer to me the inner city properties because they assumed as a Black person that I belonged there yet I still didn't fit in there, either.

I had clients turn away from me once they found out I was Black.

I have been shunned and rejected because people didn't trust me because I was Black.

How many times have people felt uncomfortable because of the color of my skin?

How many times have my children had friends whose parents wouldn't let their children play with them after finding out I was Black?

How many times have there been lies spread about me when I did nothing to no one?

How many times have I cried in silence and felt alone?

How many times have I asked the Universe to help me continue to show the face of love when adversity glared back at me?

How many times has someone said to me that Black people stink and have "nappy" hair?

How many times has someone told me that Black people can't grow hair and that my hair was fake?

How many times have I been looked at differently?

How many times has someone talked down to me because they assumed I was less than they?

When will we be heard?

Why doesn't anyone listen?

We didn't ask to be stolen from our country!

We bleed just like you bleed yet our blood isn't as valuable as yours.

Why do you fear us?

Why do you hate us?

We are free but we are not free!

Why don't you understand that LOVE is truly the real answer?!

Why don't you welcome us into your groups?

Why don't you love us when we show love to you?

Why do you treat us as though we are going to steal something from you?

Why do you treat us as though we don't have education, degrees and intelligence?

I am tired of this ugliness called racism.

I am tired of fighting this battle called racism.

I am tired of not being heard.

I am tired of being told to be quiet and just "ignore it".

I am tired of crying because of racism.

I have a Black son. I have a Black daughter. I cannot BE QUIET and IGNORE anything!

I have been Black since the day I was born.

My voice is not new.

My struggles are not new.

I want to show love and I do.

To those who have ears, LISTEN!

To those who have the ability, HELP!

We can't move forward if we keep moving backward.

Love IS the answer!

by Candace Nadine Breen, Ph.D.

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