Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mystic Queen Mother

Healer, Mystic, Intuitive, Chanel, Medium, Initiate to Mami Spirit. In traditional African culture such gifted people are called Spirit People and, thus Queen Mother is a Spirit woman. Queen Mother is of West African descent whose ancestors are from Nigeria and Cameroon (Yoruba and Igbo tribes). Contact with Spirits and Guides are made and the reader channels the messages she receives from the Spirit realm. Accurate and honest readings. All clients are asked not to ask questions or disrupt the transfer of information as this could interfere with the messages being channeled. Clients are given the information that Spirit deems as necessary for them to receive. NOTE: Questions about love, pregnancy or lottery are not to be asked since Spirit gives messages that are necessary for the client to receive during the session. VISIT: http://dlvr.it/RgCHH4

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